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We know that you have a busy schedule and don't always have time to mow your lawn or plant new sod.


With Boone's Lawn Service, you no longer have to take time out of your day or weekend to cut your grass. You'll get routine lawn maintenance service from our reliable staff.

Save time on lawn care

Lawn care

Spruce up your property with affordable lawn care and landscaping services


Are you sick of your home or business looking dull because the property has little or no landscaping?


Look no further than Boone's Lawn Service for all of your landscaping needs. You'll receive everything you need to improve your property's appearance at a low price.

Full service landscaping work


Don't let improper care ruin the trees on your property.  


You'll get quick service for any of your tree needs from our trained professionals. Get the service you deserve.


Call us today at 434-985-4787 for tree care.

Save your trees

Tree service

Save money on all of your lawn care and landscaping needs when you use only one business. Boone's Lawn Service can provide you with everything you need to get your property looking the way you've always wanted. Serving Charlottesville and all surrounding areas, we can offer full service yard work year round.

Perfect your property

You'll get 18 years of experience working on your lawn care and landscaping when you have the experts at Boone's Lawn Service take care of your property.

Beautiful lawn Landscaped garden Beautiful landscaped home